Nketiah & Smith Rowe – How To Unlock, Release Date, Expiration & More


Arsenal’s two exciting young Englishmen, Eddie Nketiah and Emile Smith Rowe, are the latest duo to receive FUTTIES Dynamic Duo Objectives cards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

So, find out how to unlock them here.

Emile Smith Rowe (OVR 94) & Eddie Nketiah (OVR 92)

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MADE IN HALE END – Arsenal academy is second to none

Start date: friday 23 july

Expiration date: Thursday July 29


There are only five objectives to complete to unlock the dynamic FUTTIES duo Smith Rowe and Nketiah for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, all of which must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Prime Potential.

The requirements are as follows:

LONG-CUT SUCCESS – Score 2 goals off the beaten track in Live FUT Friendly: Prime potential

Pack Reward: GOLD PACK (Not Exchangeable) + 300 XP

BEAUTIFUL WINS – Score a Finesse goal using England forwards in 5 separate wins in the Live FUT Friendly: Potential First

Reward Pack: 75+ RARE EVALUATED PLAYER (Not Exchangeable) + 300 XP

GOAL COUNT – Score 15 goals in Live FUT Friendly: First potential

Pack reward: PREMIUM GOLD PACK (Not exchangeable) + 300 XP

DYNAMIC DELIVERY – Assist with Through Balls using Premier League CAMs in 3 separate Live FUT Friendly matches: Potential First with FUTTIES Nketiah in your starting squad

Reward pack: LITTLE PLAYERS ELECTRUM PACK (Not exchangeable) + 300 XP

GAME PARTNERS – Score using FUTTIES Nketiah in 9 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Prime Potential

Reward pack: ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Not exchangeable) + 300 XP

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