No. 1 athlete in 2023 class includes Florida in top five


A handful of schools are sitting in front to Alex styles, a five-star prospect and the highest ranked athlete in the 2023 category. He is also the brother of receiver Notre Dame, Lorenzo Styles Jr.

A product of Central Pickerington (Ohio), the 6-foot-5, 216-pound styles released top five from Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson and Ole Miss. Each of those programs recruits him to play defense as good, with the Gators imagining him in the safe back.

While proximity certainly favors the Fighting Irish and Buckeyes, Styles has already made the trip to Gainesville for a thorough review of the program. He attended the season opener against FAU and also received an in-depth campus tour during his brief stay.

“It was great. It was a great experience for me,” Styles previously told GT. “What caught my attention wasn’t really the defense, but actually the wide receivers and their height; they had really big wide receivers. The defense looked pretty good and they were aggressive. staff) kind of told me to watch No. 0 (Trey Dean) for a bit.

“I thought it was pretty cool. We got to see most of the campus. I think something that really stood out to me was the educational part. I didn’t know they had one so good education that just went to Florida. They’re like sixth in the country out of public schools, so that’s phenomenal. “

In Gainesville, the top 10 prospect made sure to spend so much time with Dan Mullen.

“It was pretty good. It’s simple and we talked about it if I came here, I would be pushed and work hard every day,” Styles said. “The guys over there really love it and are going to be pushed every day. He said, ‘Go all over the country, and I want you to go to as many schools as you can, and if you find a better school, come back and tell me (laughs). ‘”

In addition to the aforementioned schools, Styles holds offerings from Alabama, LSU, Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Michigan, and the State of Florida, among others.

With Styles a long way from the finish line, the Gators must certainly be happy with their position so early in the process. With only five schools under consideration, it can be said that UF will eventually receive an official visit as well.

“I think Florida is in a really good place for me right now,” Styles said. “Like I said earlier, what really helped me was the educational part. I didn’t know there was such a good education in Florida so it’s definitely something that goes. stay with me.”

Stay tuned Alligator territory.


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