Nottingham City Council issues Goose Fair statement on perimeter fencing and entrance fees


The head of Nottingham City Council has released a statement confirming that there are no further plans to fence off the Goose Fair site and charge entry fees.

The idea, designed to allow for the verification of Covid passports and the control of the number of people entering the historic Forest Recreation Ground fair, has sparked an uproar among the showmen who organize the annual event and the public.

The Showmen’s Guild said such a move was unsustainable and threatened to move the annual event to a private venue for another year.

Council chief David Mellen has now ruled out erecting a fence and pay gate.

A decision on whether the fair can take place in October is expected later this month.

He said: “We spoke to the Showmen’s Guild to explore how Goose Fair might move forward this year after last year’s disappointment. It’s only right that we look at all possible options during a pandemic to ensure that events can take place in complete safety and in accordance with any applicable government directives.

“To that end, we thought about what we could do in the event that the government imposes vaccine passports at major events like Goose Fair. We offer the possibility of fencing the site to allow the control of vaccination passports, while covering the costs thereof and additional security through a small entrance fee. This is not something we would have wanted to do, and there was no prospect of this becoming a continuing feature of Goose Fair, and following feedback from guild members, I can confirm that this is no longer. taken into account.

“Like most major event organizers, we will continue to seek clarification from the government on the possible implementation of vaccine passports and what that means for major unstructured events like Goose Fair. In the meantime, we continue to work with the Guild and have another meeting scheduled with them. We plan to make a decision on this year’s Goose Fair later this month.

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