Olympic bosses on the verge of getting heavy with the murky sport of weightlifting



“But I come back here to Melbourne and suddenly find that the IOC has changed the charter so that the executive can also suspend a person and a sport.”

Coates has indicated that the IWF could be suspended ahead of the Paris Olympics, with the possibility of returning for the Los Angeles Games in 2028.

He rejected the suggestion that the IOC had sat on a number of positive doping from the Tokyo Olympics and stressed that the publication of test results was the responsibility of the International Testing Agency.

“We have received a lot of warnings, but it takes time to develop a new constitution and we are on the right track.”

Sam coffa

A hopeful Coffa said: “We haven’t been banned yet and hope we won’t, but it’s no secret the IOC has had a lot of weightlifting.

“We have received many warnings, but crafting a new constitution is taking time and we are headed in the right direction.

“Our interim president is Dr Michael Irani from Great Britain. He’s not a livewire, and we expect our Electoral Congress to appoint a new president in October.

“But the IOC could take over the situation before then.”

If weightlifting was banned as an Olympic sport, it would still be assisted by Sport Australia, said Peter Conde, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Sport.

Conde pointed out that the SA only funds Olympic and Commonwealth Games sports and, traditionally, weightlifting has not been funded.

However, AIS does offer course support for sports that do not have a medal history for Australia.

The federal government has allocated $ 1 billion to Sport Australia to distribute during John Wylie’s nine-year presidency, and sports that are not directly funded receive support until they develop real high performance programs. producing the champions of the future.

“I cannot comment on the weightlifting situation with the IOC, but we will continue to work with them on the tracks,” Conde said.

He pointed out that 25% of Olympic medals come from combat sports, where Harry Garside’s bronze medal in lightweight boxing was a rare feat.

SA has brought together combat sports, primarily taekwondo, judo and boxing, into the AIS Combat Center, providing coaching that individual sports cannot.

“Garside’s medal is tied to that,” Conde said.


At a press conference in Tokyo, Garside also called the AIS Gold Medal Ready program “the highlight for me of the entire Olympic experience”.

He explained that working with the Commando Regiment as well as 40 former gold medalists from the post-2000 Olympics period to act as mentors “has been huge for my growth.”

“For [Sport] Australia has to look at itself after the Rio Olympics and realize that we are not doing everything right and say we have to adapt and change. . . was huge, ”he said.

Weightlifting, which bends its knees after decades of failed reform, needs to be just as nimble before the IOC’s ax falls.

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