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Westport Mums are announcing a ‘Stand Up Against Gun Violence’ march this Wednesday, June 8. It starts at 10:30 a.m. on the steps of Anthropologie and continues through the city.

Joining the crowd will be 1st coach Jen Tooker and police chief Foti Koskinas. Walkers are asked to wear orange and bring signs.

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You can’t say the city isn’t responsive.

At 10am yesterday morning, Roundup “06880” included 2 photos of Grace Salmon Park. They showed benches at the popular Imperial Avenue park, covered in weeds and brush.

This was the scene at 9am today – less than 24 hours later:

(Photo/Werner Liepolt)

What an improvement! Thanks for the quick action!

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Staples High School held its 21st annual Athlete-Scholar Dinner last night – but the first since COVID hit.

It was a fascinating evening. Each varsity sport selects a senior. Each coach asks each athlete-scholar a question about his passions, achievements, hobbies, extracurricular activities or sports.

The responses – about a minute each – are insightful, poised, poignant and often amusing. Together, they paint a remarkable picture of Staples student-athletes.

Last night’s questions ranged from volunteer efforts (Food Rescue US, helping a Holocaust survivor, transcribing the Library of Congress archives) to lessons learned from mentoring small children, building models to predict the spread of COVID, working on political campaigns and against gun violence, and selling South African snacks.

Most remarkably, the college-athletes were in top form despite having attended prom the day before (and post-prom parties thereafter).

As several speakers noted after hearing the 36 students speak: The future is in good hands.

The scholar-athletes honored, and their sports:

Fall: Emily Epstein (cheer), Zach Taubman (boys cross country), Josie Dolan (girls cross country), Ava Ekholdt (field hockey), Andrew O’Loughlin (football), Ben Epes (boys golf), Aidan Mermagen ( boys soccer), Madison Sansone (women’s soccer), Raina Mandayam (women’s swimming), Ally Schwartz (women’s volleyball), Jasper Cahn (men’s water polo).

Winter: Michael Brody (boys basketball), Sydelle Bernstein (girls basketball), Mimi Schindler (gymnastics), Johnny Raho (ice hockey), Rory Tarsy (boys indoor track), Emma Nordberg (girls indoor track), Will Heisler (ski boys), Kate Smith (girls skiing), Brian Fullenbaum (boys squash), Romy Nusbaum (girls squash), Jacob Lee (boys swimming), Reese Watkins (wrestling).

Spring: Finn Popken (baseball), Lizzie Kuehndorf (girls golf), Derek Sale (boys lacrosse), Sara DiGiovanni (girls lacrosse), Alex Harrington (boys indoor track), Tessa Moore (girls outdoor track), Nick Prior (rugby) , Erin Durkin (sailing), Caroline Coffey (softball), Matthew Chiang (boys tennis), Jordana Latzman, Ethan Moskowitz (boys volleyball), Rachel Offir (girls water polo).

The evening also included the presentation of several university scholarships. The Coleman Brothers Foundation presented Brewster Galley with a $40,000 award. Jalen St. Fort and George Kocadag each received a $6,500 Laddie Lawrence Scholarship. Jaden Mueller received the $2,000 Albie Loeffler Scholarship.

Two other awards were presented. Rory Tarsy was named the winner of the Thomas DeHuff Award, while Molly Liles won the Jinny Parker Award.

After dinner, the scholar-athletes posed with their plaques. Here are the honored boys Will Heisler and his parents.

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Speaking of sports: Staples men’s tennis team rehearsed as state champions.

For the 5th time.

The Wreckers won their 6th consecutive title on Saturday. They beat Greenwich 4-1 at Wesleyan University.

The winners included singles players Robbie Daus and Noah Wolff, and the doubles teams of Luke Brodsky and Alex Guadarrama, and Brett Lampert and Lucas Ceballas-Cala.

The Individual Invitational Tournament begins today, also in Wesleyan. Tighe Brunetti and Daus will play in singles, Brodsky and Guadarrama in doubles.

Congratulations and good luck to everyone, including coach Kris Hrisovulos!

Staples State Champion Men’s Tennis Team (L to R): Coach Kris Hrisovulos, Holden Dalzell, Clint Graham, Hayden Frey, Noah Wolff, Tighe Brunetti, Luke Brodsky, Robbie Daus, Matthew Chiang, Jared Evans , Brett Lampert, Alex Guadarrama, Lucas Ceballos-Cala. (Photo/Bob Daus)

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Again speaking of sports: Good luck to the Staples men’s lacrosse team. Ranked No. 2 in the state tournament, they face No. 3 Ridgefield on Wednesday (5 p.m., Fairfield University), in the semifinals.

Go wreckers!

The Staples men’s lacrosse team takes to the field.

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This past weekend, 5 girls from Saugatuck Elementary School competed in the Fairfeld 5K along Jennings Beach.

But they did not run alone. Young people participated in girls on the run. The after-school program is part of a national positive youth development project grades 3-7.

The season lasts 10 weeks. Twice a week, the girls learn and practice positive skills and mindsets, including positive self-talk, friendship and the importance of individuality.

Each session includes running. The girls build their stamina, culminating in this festive 5K.

Westport’s Girls on the Run has partnered with Westport Continuing Education. Three parent volunteers run the local program. They hope to expand the program to other schools in the city. Parents interested in helping can email [email protected] All abilities are welcome.

Girls on the Run participants.

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Tower of Power rocked the Levitt Pavilion this weekend.

Which means another great season has begun.

Click here for upcoming concerts and special events. There is something for every taste !

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David Ader writes:

“I admit this photo has the quality of a yahoo version of a sasquatch. I have sympathy for this yahoo.

“Saturday evening, while I was sitting at my table, a very large and muscular bobcat wandered through my garden. I was both shocked and anxious when I dropped pizza to distract my dog and rushed to get this photo.

“In its confident walk, the lynx paused for a moment to stare at me as I feebly tried to open my phone for the photo. Imagine if it was a sasquatch!

(Photo/David Ader)

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The sold-out audience for Saturday’s Westport Pride drag show at MoCA included a number of families with children. In addition to dancing, the performers offered a bit of LGBTQ history.

Yesterday, the mother of a youngster wrote to ‘06880’: ‘I have a very strong feeling that it is essential to expose children to all kinds of expressions and personal journeys so that they know that there is no one way to be in this cookie-cutter situation. world.

“Having our children witness someone living life, full of joy, as their 100% authentic and beautiful selves is a powerful gift that I intend to always expose them to.”

Desmond is Amazing, 15, a drag artist from New York, posed with young fans.

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Diane Bosch spotted this new object, floating in the channel at the mouth of the Saugatuck River.

She suspects it has something to do with the dredging plan. Is she right?

If any “06880” readers know for sure what this is about, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Diane Bosch)

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It’s strawberry season at the Westport Community Garden.

Lou Weinberg shared this scrumptious — sadly, photographically only — for our “Westport…Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Lou Weinberg)

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And finally… you knew this was coming, didn’t you?


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