Patriot League Ranks Among NCAA Leaders in Graduation Rate Report


Patriot League Graduation Report Numbers Snapshot (.PDF)

BETHLEEM, Pennsylvania – The Patriot League recorded a 96% graduate success rate (GSR) and a 86% federal graduation rate (FGR) in data released by the NCAA on Thursday. The league ranked among the top two NCAA Division I conferences for both measures of student-athlete academic achievement.

The league’s 86 percent FGR is the highest score in the country for the ninth consecutive year. The League’s 96 percent GSR, a one-point improvement from figures released last year, is the second-best in the country. The Patriot League has been among the top three NCAA Division I conferences in GSR every year since scoring was introduced in 2013.

Graduation rates are for the most recent class of graduates on record that started school in 2014. In the four-year average of entering classes from 2011 to 2014, each school in the Patriot League has recorded a GSR 91 percent or better. Holy Cross and Lafayette led the way at 99 percent. Bucknell followed at 98%, with Colgate finishing at 97%. Loyola Maryland (96), Boston University (95), Navy (95), American (94), Lehigh (93) and Army West Point (91) all exceeded the national student-athlete success rate by 89%.

Bucknell and Colgate tied for an FGR score of 89%, the highest in the league, with Holy Cross and Lafayette tied at 87%. Lehigh (85), Boston University (84), Loyola Maryland (78) and American (72) all finished above the overall national average of 69%. Army West Point and Navy do not report federal graduation rates because they do not offer athletics assistance.

The Patriot League has also finished among the nation’s top conferences in the most recent GSR and FGR results for individual sports released by the NCAA, including baseball, basketball, and men’s and women’s football.

The League’s men’s basketball programs finished with the nation’s highest GSR score (100), a four-point improvement from last year’s data. Eight League schools – Army West Point, Boston University, Bucknell, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Lehigh, Loyola Maryland and Navy posted perfect GSR scores. The League also had the highest FGR score (76), with Bucknell, Holy Cross and Lafayette tied for a League’s highest FGR score of 92%.

The Patriot League’s women’s basketball programs recorded the best FGR score (94) among NCAA Division I conferences, with Colgate and Lehigh posting perfect scores. The League’s women’s basketball programs finished 17th with a GSR score of 95 percent. Bucknell, Colgate, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Lehigh and Loyola Maryland recorded perfect GSR scores.

The Patriot League football programs recorded the second-best GSR score (97) and the highest FGR score (91) in NCAA Division I. Georgetown posted a perfect GSR score. Four other football programs posted a 90 or better, including Holy Cross (98), Lafayette (97), Bucknell (94) and Colgate (93). Georgetown also recorded the league’s best FGR score at 94%.

All six of the league’s baseball programs were third in the NCAA DI in GSR (96). Bucknell, Holy Cross, Lafayette and Navy all finished with perfect GSR scores. The League again finished with the country’s highest FGR score at 75%.

Overall, 112 Patriot League sponsored teams reported a 100% perfect GSR. Thirty-three teams reported perfect FGR scores.

The Division I Board of Trustees created the GSR in response to Division I college and university presidents who wanted data to more closely reflect the mobility of college students than the federal graduation rate. The federal rate counts any student who leaves one school as an academic failure, whether he enrolls in another school. The GSR formula removes from the rate student-athletes who leave school when they are academically eligible and includes student-athletes who transfer to a school after initially enrolling elsewhere. This calculation gives a more complete and precise picture of the success of student-athletes. The federal graduation rate, however, remains the only measure to compare student-athletes with the student body in general.

For the NCAA report, as well as data for all schools, conferences, sports, and years, please CLICK HERE.


The Patriot League is in its fourth decade of academic and athletic success, continuously demonstrating that the student-athlete can excel in both academics and athletics without sacrificing high standards. The sporting success of the Patriot League is achieved while its member institutions remain committed to its founding principle of admitting and developing student-athletes who are academically representative of their class. Participation in athletics in the institutions of the Patriot League is considered an important part of a well-rounded education.


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