Porch Hacker Jumps Fence To Steal Crippled Child’s Lifesaving Equipment


Shocking moment a female porch hacker jumps up to a family’s fence to steal a package containing lifesaving materials for a crippled childPictured: Juan Carlos and Susanna Elizarraraz with one year old Carlos.  The toddler was born with a medical condition and spent the first three months of his life in a hospitalSusanna said her son relied on the equipment after he had a tracheotomy when he was two weeks old.  She had ordered a new suction device for her son's trachea after the previous one crackedThe family were not home on Saturday when the thief stole the one-year-old's medical equipment

The shocking moment a brazen Kansas City, Missouri porch robber stole a child’s vital medical equipment was captured on home surveillance video.

Since he was born with a medical condition, the child’s mother, Susanna Elizarraraz, said the gift contained a canister to help him breathe.

The thief was filmed jumping from the passenger seat of a white SUV and bounding towards two packages outside a Kansas City residence.

A female porch hacker boldly jumped over the fence of a Missouri residence in order to steal a package containing lifesaving materials for a small child.

The package stolen on August 26 contained a breathing apparatus for a one-year-old child born with a medical condition.

Surprisingly, the cheeky blonde burglar who stole it jumped up to the box and snatched it away with obvious pleasure in her illicit activities.

After having a tracheostomy at two weeks old, Carlos, according to his mother Susanna Elizarraraz, needed the equipment. After the previous suction device cartridge broke, Elizarraraz ordered a replacement.

Elizarraraz told Fox4 it’s a staple of his day-to-day existence.

“When they steal packages from people’s porches, it might not be a Gucci or Jordan bag, but it might very well be people’s prescriptions and life-saving medical equipment, as it is the case with our son,” the parent said.

The burglar was captured on surveillance film jumping from the passenger seat of a white SUV and bounding towards two packages outside a Kansas City residence.

The blonde, pink-haired woman stole one of the items before fleeing with an anonymous driver.

On August 26 in Kansas City, a woman with blonde and pink hair stole vital medical equipment that is helping a one-year-old child breathe. Home surveillance cameras captured the moment the woman fled a white SUV with no license plate. Two gifts were left outside the family’s front door, but only one was taken away.

Juan Carlos and Susanna Elizarraraz are pictured with their one-year-old son, Carlos. The infant was born with a medical problem and was hospitalized for the first three months of life.

Saturday night when the box was stolen, the family was not home and the SUV had no license plate.

Juan Carlos Elizarraraz told Fox4: “It’s not fair to my son.” You have to worry about the availability of your equipment the next time you order it.

Aunt Lala Ozaeta posted a warning in the Stolen KC Facebook group about a tattooed woman.

Ozaeta writes, “This woman took a box thinking she was going to open it to find something of value for herself.”

The Elizarraraz family did not inform the police of the event.

Susanna said her two-week-old son leaned on the device after a tracheotomy. After the last suction device for her son’s trachea fractured, she ordered a replacement.

Saturday, while the family was away, a robber seized the medical equipment of the one-year-old child.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, when most Americans were confined to their homes and door-to-door deliveries became a necessity, porch hackers have been on the prowl.

The pandemic, according to Andrew Hurst, research analyst at ValuePenguin.com, was a perfect storm for thieves.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hurst said, “Quarantine has become the perfect opportunity for porch pirates as door-to-door delivery orders have increased by around 40 percent.”

Worryingly, a large majority of Americans are not taking the necessary precautions to prevent future thefts.

A July 2020 survey, during the first few months of stay-at-home orders, found that 18% of Americans had been victims of package theft in the previous four months.

According to ValuePenguin.com, at the time, several consumers reported various missing items, with forty percent of stolen packages reported from apartment complexes.

About 57% of these stolen shipments were Amazon deliveries.

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