Premier League could reward Aston Villa for unusual reasons


Premier League clubs, including Aston Villa, could be ‘rewarded’ for the number of players they have vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Premier League has written to the 20 clubs about low vaccination rates among players, according to the Daily Mail, which claims the Premier League is stepping up efforts to try to get more players vaccinated over fears that vaccination will be slow .

The document distributed by the Premier League read: “According to the data available to us, only the teams of seven clubs are more than 50% fully vaccinated, so we have a way to go.”

The Premier League has revealed that 13 of the 20 clubs in the Premier League have teams where less than 50% of players are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

While some clubs like Brentford, Wolves and Leeds have reported vaccination levels between 89 and 100%, it was reported last week that two Premier League teams did not have more than six players vaccinated.

The document continued, “We are examining whether and how we can best ‘reward’ the teams / players who are most Covid compliant and who have chosen to be vaccinated.

“It is increasingly clear that full vaccination will be the key criteria for government and health authorities, in terms of international travel and potential Covid certification at large-scale events. “

The document hinted that vaccinations would be vital for players in international service avoiding long-term quarantines.

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