Rams rookies inspire Watts Rams student-athletes as they visit SoFi Stadium


At the start of the 2019 season, the Los Angeles Rams formalized their support for the Watts Rams (formerly the Watts Bears) and the LAPD’s efforts to bring community and police relations closer through football.

Coaches use football as a vehicle to present, reinforce and promote strong morals, positive values, personal responsibility and commitment to academics.

“I want these guys to be exposed to different things in life. I think that’s how kids actually strive for something positive and set goals for themselves,” said the coach and officer. Watts Rams LAPD, Zarren Thompson. “What the Rams are doing for us right now is priceless, it’s something I can’t describe. They show the kids that there are other things besides this little cubicle that we live. They show the kids that they can work it out, they can be the guy who plays on Sunday. “

Providing underprivileged youth in Watts a chance to participate in organized but larger-scale sports, the Watts Rams program emphasizes structure, discipline, teamwork, friendship and positive competition.

“I connect with it in a number of ways,” said Rams rookie cornerback Robert Rochell. “I grew up in the type of environment where it’s just you and you did what you wanted to do, so seeing that there are people here who want to spread love and value the younger generation is everything. . Growing up, you don’t let it come from poor places. “

Since the Rams began supporting the Watts Rams Youth Football Program, the team has offered opportunities for engagement with current players, alumni, coaches, scouts, football operations and the front office staff to help expand their knowledge and ignite their passions beyond the playing field.

For more information on the Watts Rams program, please visit https://thewattsrams.com/.


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