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MLB The Show 21 continues to host the Diamond Dynasty Round 3 schedule with a new player schedule featuring Reds legend Dave Parker.

We’ve got all the details you need on how to unlock this card and whether it’s a valuable asset to your team in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Launches Dave Parker Player Program

MLB The Show 21 keeps the Round 3 schedule strong with a new player schedule, and you can hook up a great player for your team while earning valuable XP.

The spotlight this time is on Dave Parker, the very first Home Run Derby winner in league history, and his time with the Cincinnati Reds.

Parker has spent nearly two decades in MLB, including a decade with the Pittsburgh Pirates and his final years between the Reds, Athletics, Brewers, Angles and Blue Jays.

This new third-inning player program has gone live June 18, 2021 at noon PT (2 p.m. CT / 3 p.m. ET) and players can browse it now to unlock Parker.

Dave Parker Diamond Dynasty Statistics

Whether you want to add Dave Parker to your team in Diamond Dynasty will depend on how your outfield already looks.

This new Dave Parker 2nd Half card has a 91 OVR rating in right field, but also has left field as a secondary position.

THE COBRA: Catch that clutch hitter for your team today

While not particularly out of this world in some of his stats, Parker is pretty well balanced across the board and really shines with his 114 in Clutch.

Add to that with his 90s in sight and solid contact and power ratings, and you’ve got a solid option to help land a crucial late-game blow.

How to unlock Round 3 Dave Parker

If you want to complete the third round player program and unlock the second half of Dave Parker, you will need to complete a series of missions and moments.

GET THE JOB: Complete these challenges to unlock Parker

There’s also a trade available, and you can earn 5 points by swapping the right outfielders, but that won’t change much without eliminating other challenges.


As usual in every standard player program, you will have three missions to complete in specific game modes of Diamond Dynasty.

  • Additional basic shots with RF – ONLINE: score 5 additional base moves with right-wing players in Ranked Seasons, Battles Royals or Events (10 point rewards)
  • Home Runs with CIN – ONLINE: Tally 3 Home Runs with Reds players in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale or Events (Rewards 10 points)
  • Beat CIN on All-Star – Play Vs CPU: Defeat the Reds on All-Star difficulty or higher in Play Vs CPU (Rewards 8 points)


You’ll also have the chance to tackle six different Moments highlighting specific performances by Parker throughout his career.

  • 1st HR Derby Champ (Veteran Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run in one game (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Brought to you by Parker Power (Rookie Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run in a single Plate Skin (Rewards 7 Points)
  • See beach balls up there (rookie difficulty): Tally 10 Hits and 5 Extra Base Hits in six matches (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Finish strong (Rookie difficulty): Hit 2 Home Runs in two matches (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Return Nine Bully (Veteran Difficulty): Count 2 hits and 1 additional basic hit in a game (reward 7 points)
  • Dave Le Cobra Parker (Difficulty Rookie): Count 4 Total Bases in a game (Rewards 7 Points)

You’ll need 50 points by the time it’s all over, so try to figure out early on how much you want to earn with the missions versus the moments completed.

All Player Program Rewards

The final reward will be the 91 OVR 2nd Half Dave Parker card, but you can also get stubs and packs along the way.

HARVEST THE REWARDS: Grab extra packs and heels while doing the program

Here are all the rewards of the 3rd Inning Dave Parker Player Program:

  • 10 points: 500 heels
  • 20 points: A The Show Pack
  • 30 points: 1000 heels
  • 40 points: Two packs the show
  • 50 points: 91 OVR 2nd Half Dave Parker Player Item

Also, don’t miss the new Conquest Round 3 map released today and check out the locations of the other maps’ hidden rewards here.


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