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The people of Middleton Mountain mourn the death of a fawn they watched since birth.

Michelle Gregoire says many are upset after learning the fawn impaled itself on a metal fence and died on Monday.

A pair of adorable fawns made their appearance in May and the twins quickly became the darlings of the neighborhood.

“She managed to raise them all through that terrible summer with the heat and all the smoke, and they were all very healthy,” says Gregory.

But joy turned to horror after the death of one of the twins atop an ornamental fence.

“There are probably miles of it up there. The deer come by my yard for this development every day, and yesterday I noticed that she only had one baby with her, ”said Grégoire.

“It was confirmed at noon that during the night or in the early morning, one of the babies tried to jump a fence and impaled on it and died,” she added.

“They had become these little neighborhood celebrities, and we were all behind them. The neighborhood is quite unhappy with it.

“It’s kind of up to us to keep it safe for them and not have a deer impaled on a human ornament,” said Gregory. “The only purpose it serves is for aesthetics.”

When something like this happens, local wildlife expert Pete Wise is usually the one who needs to retrieve the body.

It’s a task he has had to do four times this year.

“It’s very sad,” Wise said, adding that people need to be more aware of the situation.

“Fences with spikes on them kill deer, it’s that simple,” he said. “They try to jump them, get impaled. They take a spike in the abdomen, and that’s it.

Deer impaling themselves on fences was such a problem in Kelowna that the city passed a bylaw prohibiting such fences in all future developments.

Gregory said she would like to see something similar to Vernon and Coldstream.

“These fences are common in all new communities,” she said, adding that they also pose a danger to pets.

“I implore those who are in new construction or with existing fences to see alternatives. It is too often and convoluted an event. “


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