Rhasidat Adeleke has become the latest Irish athlete to break a national record at the European Championships in Munich


RHASIDAT ADELEKE became the latest Irish athlete to break an Irish record, and with it kept Ireland in good form at the European Championships in Munich on Wednesday.

Adeleke finished fifth in the women’s 400m final with a time of 50.53.

She broke her own national record of 50.70 which she set in Lubbock, USA at the Big 12 Championships

The gold went to Dutch Olympic medalist Femke Bol, who ran a time of 49.44, while it was silver and bronze for Poland with Natalia Kaczmarek finishing second and Anna Kielbasinksa third.

It was a brilliant year for the young athlete. In 2021, Adeleke also became senior national champion and then won the 100m-200m sprint double at the European U20 Athletics Championships in Tallinn, Estonia.

Speaking to an Irish outlet, the 19-year-old said: “I gave it my all, it wasn’t enough for a medal, but I got a new national record so I’m happy” .

“I’m so new to the 400m, when my coach says ‘come out in 23’ I don’t know what that is honestly so I just went out with them.

“It’s my first year doing the 400m, hopefully I’ll start training this fall and let’s see what I can do next year.

“I wish I had more in my legs for the last 50m. I was looking at the screen and thinking ‘oh my god, I’m in medal position’ and I feel like I wouldn’t have had to do that because it discouraged me a bit.

It was Adeleke’s 49th race of the season, and although she didn’t win a medal, the sprinter thanked the fans for supporting her.

“Honestly, I was really hoping for a medal, but I have to consider everything, it’s like my 50th race of the season.

“Coming here and breaking the national record… so many people support us in Ireland, and I just want to give back to them. Thank you for supporting me and thank you for cheering me on.”

Adeleke will also compete in the women’s 4x400m relay later in the week.


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