Scottsdale company uses 3D scans to create mouthpieces for high school athletes


SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — For decades, the technique of fitting sports mouthguards has primarily used the same “boil and bite” process. Now, a Scottsdale company is changing that by using 3D scans to tailor each mouthpiece to gamers.

Players and coaches see the future of the sport with a new era of mouthpieces designed by Mouthguard Club. The company has manufactured mouthpieces for state football powerhouses including Chandler High School and Saguaro High School. Prices range from $49 to $99.

3D scanning technology is phasing out the old boil and bite mouthpieces that many athletes grew up with. Today, the company says it has big plans for the future. “It’s the only consumer product with a 100% dissatisfaction rate. So no one likes their mouth guard boiling and biting. It’s a crazy process. Take a piece of plastic, put it in boiling water, put it in your mouth, hope it goes in, hope you don’t get burned,” said orthodontic specialist Dr Blair Feldman. . “Custom mouthguards are just the opposite. They’re comfortable. They start with a 3D scan and you can make the mouthguard; breathe with them, talk with them, they stay in your mouth and don’t fall out.

Jesse Laizure of the Mouthguard Club said each mouthpiece is unique. “Every child needs a mouth guard. We do a 3D scan so it fits perfectly in their mouth. It does not fall,” he said. “They can personalize it. They can put their name, the team logo.

The company not only has an orthodontist on the board, but also former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton who endorses the product! “Being a quarterback, understanding how important it is to have the right fit. Being able to speak and communicate really touches me,” Stanton said. “It’s completely different. Kids love it because they can do it any way they want. The boil and the bite are outdated. It really is a great product. »


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