Sign with swastika, word N and more posted on a residents fence in West Valley


WEST VALLEY, UT – A woman who lives in West Valley City posted a Tweeter this morning about a racist sign posted on his fence. The sign included a swastika, the N-word, KKK and the words “Vote Trevor Lee”.

The woman, Deborah Gatrell, told KSL NewsRadio that she lives across from a West Valley elementary school and doesn’t even live in District 16 of the house, where Lee is running for a House of Commons seat. Utah representatives.

Although she said her parents did.

She also posted the back of the sign, where it looks like no one has written on it.

Return of the sign.

Lee says he had nothing to do with the sign. And whoever did it, he said, must not be one of his supporters.

“It’s the people who are just trying to come after me and my opinion,” Lee said. “I think it’s just people trying to get attention.”

Lee also said he objected to what was written on the sign. He compared it to what he calls the “BYU Volleyball Hoax” and the Jesse Smolette affair.

“People are just trying to cause an uproar,” Lee said.

“I 100 percent disavow everything that was written on that sign except ‘Vote Trevor Lee,'” he said with a laugh. “And I disavow any kind of [vandalism]any form of it, including the use of the vulgar words that appear on this panel,” Lee also said.

She told KSL NewsRadio that the only reason she can think this sign ended up in her yard is because of her support for Rep. Steve Handy, Lee’s opponent.

“I said something in support of Steve Handy, and it pissed somebody off,” she said. “Trevor Lee is associated with all the far-right talking points, so there’s racism, there’s the DezNat movement, there’s violent rhetoric on his side.”

Lee denies this.

Gatrell said she filed a police report with West Valley City police. KSL contacted WVPD to verify but received no response.

Representative Steve Handy said he knew nothing about this sign.

“That kind of vitriol is horrible, the worst kind of politics and has no place in this campaign,” he said.

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