Special Olympics Illinois Introduces Chicago Market Giving Network


Proof Chicago communities and athletes through digital commerce.

CHICAGO, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Special Olympics Illinois today announced a strategic partnership for Network of Giving in the Chicago market.

The Network of Giving is a powerful hyper-local digital platform enabled by financial services that fosters a community movement through connecting local consumers and merchants to community organizations while creating efficiencies in fundraising digital.

“Special Olympics Illinois is thrilled to help bring Network of Giving to Chicagoas well as its benefits to our supporters, local merchants and ultimately the communities where we live and thrive,” said David Breen, President and CEO, Special Olympics Illinois. “As an organization, we are always striving to achieve three main goals: improving the athlete experience, reaching more athletes and raising more resources. This program aligns with these goals and we look forward to this what the future holds.”

Chicago Network of Giving will enter the market with the partnership of local financial services and merchants, many of whom are already partners of Special Olympics Illinois. Current donors and volunteers will have a new outlet to support the organization and, more importantly, the more than 21,000 athletes served will benefit.

With digital commerce and merchant-defined micro-donations, Network of Giving empowers local merchants with the digital tools to grow their business, while providing consumers with an outlet to support local organizations, and it all benefits the community where they live.

“Most importantly, the Network of Giving will provide athletes with relevant access to Special Olympics Illinois programming,” added Breen.

Special Olympics Illinois also plans to champion the reach of Network of Giving through Illinois as well as Special Olympics Chapters across United States and internationally.

“The Network of Giving is thrilled to help Special Olympics Illinois and the broader community deploy Chicago Network of Giving,” said Rob Bennett, CEO, SMB4.0, the organization that powers the Network of Giving Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. “The Network of Giving is a breakthrough technology with DNA that is built on the core principles of service, accountability and innovation to improve the lives of community members. The Network of Giving levels the playing field for local businesses by providing sought-after digital capabilities that deliver measured results on marketing spend, deliver actionable insights that improve their customer experience, and enable a like-minded community movement, while only asking everyone to do what he already does well today.”

“With the Network of Giving, Special Olympics Illinois and Chicago citizens, businesses and community leaders now have a fully automated digital solution that unites them in their mission to celebrate these athletes and their abilities. This solution will help them access life-changing programs,” added Bennett.

About Special Olympics Illinois

Special Olympics Illinois is a nonprofit sports organization that provides year-round training and competition in 18 sports to more than 21,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and more than 9,000 young athletes ages 2-7 years with or without intellectual disability. It strives to be a world leader in forming a culture where people with and without intellectual disabilities are fully included in the community by providing year-round opportunities in competitive sports, life skills education health, leadership and personal development.

If you would like to be a part of Special Olympics Illinois and its vision, contact your region, call 800-394-0562, or visit our website at www.soill.org. Follow Special Olympics Illinois on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the donation network

The proprietary Network of Giving platform transforms communities and businesses by setting a high standard of excellence in corporate and community social responsibility. The Network of Giving powers digital commerce with purpose by connecting banking, fundraising and marketing to inspire community contributions from businesses and consumers – at no cost to the consumer. The Network of Giving is committed to providing financial and social empowerment to drive positive change in communities and the world.

The Network of Giving Software-as-a-Service platform is powered by SMB4.0 and provides digital marketing opportunities to local businesses using rich tokenized data to drive business decisions with a measured outcome on marketing spend . This enables business owners to gain key analytics and real-time actionable insights from the data. Visit: www.networkofgiving.com

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