Special Olympics New York returns to Glens Falls


Special Olympics New York has attracted approximately 500 athletes from across the state.

What would you like to know

  • This was the first year the games had been held in Glens Falls since 2015
  • More than 500 athletes participate in the games
  • Games include sports like bocce, softball, golf, and cross country

Kinsey Henry is one of the best pétanque players you will see there.

She had only one goal in mind on Saturday, that of winning this brilliant gold medal.

“It will say that I did my best and that my hard work paid off,” Henry said.

Kinsey is a modest competitor. In addition to competing in the state’s Special Olympics, she has also competed at the world level, in track and field and in snowshoeing.

She says the sports field is one of her favorite places.

“It’s the chance to be a part of something that you can just be yourself and you don’t have to change anything,” Henry said. “You are surrounded by people who are like you and make you feel like you have a second family and friends. “

This year, Kinsey is the leader in games. She is vocal, encouraging her team every step of the way.

Her dad Kevin, who helps coach the team, says she hasn’t always been like that. But he says sport has helped her open up.

“She was so quiet, so scared,” said Kevin Henry. “Sometimes very violent because she didn’t know how to interact or be social with others. Special Olympics gave him the chance to be with other people with the same disabilities. “

He saw his daughter grow into the confident person he always imagined she could be.

“She takes her role very seriously, she kind of becomes a mother hen sometimes too,” said Kevin Henry. “You wouldn’t think that if you knew her personally, but she seems to slip into the role. She seems to make sure that others are doing what they need to do.

Kinsey says his role extends beyond this weekend’s games. She has others to inspire at her home in Ithaca as well.

“It’s really about showing my region that someone speaks for us, and it will really show that any athlete can really work hard and get to where you really want to be,” said Henry.

In a close second game, Kinsey’s team pulled off a close victory. It was a total team effort of everyone involved.

A gold medal in pétanque goes once again to Ithaca.

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