Sports betting rises as stadiums reopen at full capacity


DENVER (KDVR) – During Sunday’s Broncos game at Empower Field in Mile High, a sports betting tent was there for players to bet on which team they expected to win.

“It was great. It reminds me of when we had the lottery here in Colorado,” said Gina Morin, a Bronco fan.

The tent allowed players to enter before the game to relax and place their bets. Many people have described the tent area as a pre-game party and that sports betting adds another element to game day.

“People want to bet and it’s a game,” said Morin.

Darrin C. Duber-Smith, senior lecturer at Metropolitan State University, said the amount of money the sports betting industries invest in stadium advertising is astounding.

“It’s a drain on money. There is so much money out there when it comes to how much these sports betting companies have, ”Duber-Smith said.

The professor said that at present the stadiums and teams do not have exclusive contracts with individual sports betting entities, so he said that is why people will see several different advertisements.

“The teams love it because it’s a new source of sponsorship revenue that they didn’t have three years ago,” Duber-Smith said.

He said that at the moment sports betting is attracting a different type of player and is focusing on the under 30s.

“You get a different type of fan who’s more engaged now,” Duber-Smith said.

According to data released by the State of Colorado, approximately $ 181 million was spent in July 2021 on sports betting alone in the state of Colorado, and gambling tax revenue increased by nearly $ 4 million. , or 286% compared to last year.

“I was at the Rockies game today, and I would say over 50% of the advertising was sports betting,” Duber-Smith said.

Gambling can get addicting, if you are struggling with a gambling problem please call the Colorado Help Line at 1-800-522-4700.


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