Student Athlete of the Week – Malachi Murrell


High school hoop season has finally arrived and there is a lot of buzz in La Quinta. Malachi Murrell, the All-LED Team 1 holder, was awaiting his senior season. He approaches the game from another angle.

“I played, but I didn’t work out or anything. I was just playing for fun. But the more I started playing and once Covid hit I realized I could do something about basketball. That’s when I chose to really stick with it, ”Murrell said.

This choice paid off.

Just a few weeks ago, Malachi signed his letter of intent to play Cal Poly Pomona. But the work is not done. After transferring his sophomore year to La Quinta in Shadow Hills, Murrell saw his skills expand. The LQ coaching team appreciates its development.

“He plays the 5-position. 1-5 here in high school. He’s probably one of the most selfless talents you’ll see,” said La Quinta head basketball coach Caleb Gervin. “He could probably shoot the ball every time, but prefers to involve his teammates and that’s a rarity for a high school star of this stature.”

“I would say you get a person who likes to attack the basket. Feed their teammates if they’re open,” Murrell said when asked what kind of player we can expect to see this year. “I love to dunk. So if I ever get a chance, I dunk on someone.”

Murrell really made an impact on La Quinta’s basketball schedule and always has the fire lit under him to lead this team to a playoff run.

“He’s a great boy, he’s got a great personality and a great GPA. All of those things go hand in hand with your character. So that’s one of the things we’re focusing on here. not just basketball, it’s about the character, ”Gervin said.

“Basketball is my life,” Murrell said. “I want to go to college, go to the league. If I can’t go to the league, go abroad. I just want to keep playing because it’s the sport I love, so I want to keep playing until the wheels fall off. ”

If you know of a future student-athlete of the week and would like to nominate someone, please contact Sporting Director Blake Arthur Where Bailey Arredondo. You can also send an email to [email protected]


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