Texada airport fence project put on hold by qathet regional district directors


At the June 30 regional council meeting, qathet regional district directors voted to receive a report on the Texada Island Airport fencing project for information, and that staff be encouraged to continue to explore funding opportunities in the form of grants.

The council also voted to have the fence project put on hold until funding through grants and taxes is secured, or the community expresses a desire to proceed with borrowing for the project.

According to a staff report, Transport Canada indicated that a fence is not a regulatory requirement for airport certification, but the Standards and Recommended Practices recommend a fence. The report said there was a near miss when a deer ran onto the runway and KD Air, on landing, swerved to avoid it and blew a tire. However, a wildlife management plan is in place at the airport.

At the June 22 finance committee meeting, directors received a recommendation to receive a staff report on the airport fence project and that the committee recommend one of three options for approval regarding the financing of this project.

There was a recommendation in 2017 to budget $200,000 for the wildlife fence project.


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