Texas woman hopes to be part of U.S. figure skating team for Beijing Winter Olympics


(NEXSTAR) – The Beijing Winter Olympics are 77 days away. The US figure skating teams will be announced in about two months.

The Olympic dreams of a Texas Olympic hopeful nearly died, even though she is the reigning US national silver medalist and a US junior champion.

“Thinking of that girl who was sad all the time, who didn’t want to do anything, who just felt empty,” said figure skater Amber Glenn.

Who is Amber Glenn? Who does she want to be? Eless, Texas figure skater Glenn has asked this question time and time again.

“Knowing how much stronger I’ve gotten since then,” said Glenn. “The dream is not yet completely gone. I can always make it work.

Now, thanks to her effortless slides and twists, Glenn has never felt more like her.

“I just let my body take over because it knows what to do,” Glenn said.

This is his first elite season, which begins the great Olympic year in 2022 in Beijing, China.

“Play against the best of the best, every two weeks,” said Glenn. “Honestly, it was exciting. “

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Glenn fell in love with the thrill of her blades on ice when she was just a girl.

“They had to put elbow pads on me, knee pads, a helmet, just because I was going to try and do the big tricks I saw, even though I could barely skate forward,” said Glenn.

But this deeply rooted passion that she may have just been born with did not come without pressure. She went very strong and very elite in the sport at a young age.

She exhausted herself mentally and physically.

“I had to take a step back from sport. I had to completely question what I was doing, ”she recalls.

After about a year off the ice, she made a smooth comeback, at first just for fun. It was then that she realized that although she felt chilled from the sport at one point, she was not done.

She is an inspiration to herself and to others now.

“You can get through it, and you’ll be so much better for it,” Glenn said.

“Anyway, throughout this season I’m just proud of how far we’ve come,” said Glenn.

Glenn will know if she is on the Olympic team in early January after the US figure skating championships in Nashville, Tennessee.

The results of this competition and others throughout this season will be decisive factors in who gets to Beijing.

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