The Olympics were fun and inspiring



Sports columnist Bernie Lincicome is a mean, mean and hateful writer. Her comment that “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” is a nod to opera voices, not sports heroes. Biles admitted that she suffered from a condition known to sports medicine and was unwilling to risk serious injury by doing a difficult spinning maneuver, a maneuver that could endanger the medal chances of his team. Linciome claims that “Biles suddenly decided it wasn’t worth it.” Truly! This is how we treat our American team who worked for four years to represent the United States in Japan – with an insult regarding their intentions?

Is it hard to believe that Linciome assumed that in this time of pandemic caution there were empty seats with no fans for no reason other than boredom in Tokyo? Doesn’t he read the numerous sports articles in the Daily Herald which articulate that the seats would be empty of fans for their own protection? Nationalism is not a “villain of Olympism”. Is that a word?). I believe the Olympics bring nations together in one of the few joyful activities in the spirit that is not marred by politics.

Finally, to say that Tokyo (which spent billions to build stadiums and prepare a beautiful hall for the games) is “shapeless concrete without style or charm?”

I thought the games and the proud athletes were exciting, the sporting events exuberant. I really enjoyed seeing all the athletes from all nations showcase remarkable feats of athletic excellence. I don’t need to hear poisonous attacks on the games or the athletes who put their hearts and souls into this joyous gathering of nations. They were filmed beautifully and the commentary was excellent. Let’s enjoy the fun and excitement that these events bring to our collective lives.

John J. Kula

Mount Prospect



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