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Dogs are wonderful pets and it’s one of the happiest things in life watching them grow. When they are puppies, they grow very quickly and always keep their humans engaged with their playful antics. Puppies are so cute to play with and their actions can melt any heart. In this adorable video posted to Instagram, a man spent three hours putting together a puppy pen fence. However, the pup was so small he could easily move through the fence and the man’s reaction is just hilarious to watch.

The video was posted by Cutesmallpups Instagram page on March 3 and got over 7.87 lakh views so far. “I just spent 3 hours putting the puppy pen together,” the video caption reads. In the video, the little pup is able to get out of its enclosure and quickly comes to the feet of the man who lets out a sigh.

“When the puppy is too small,” the caption of the video reads with a laughing emoji.

Watch the video below:

The post received many comments from people posting laughing emojis and suggesting the pup will soon be big enough for it.

“Give it a few weeks…then they’ll jump over it. As a bonus, it’s actually an obstacle course,” one Instagram user commented. “Super cute puppy. Puppies grow quickly. He or she will soon be too big to get through,” another commented. “That’s why you measure them,” said a third.

The video is attributed to a man named Kevin Cunningham.

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