Titled athlete Bekh-Romanchuk is ready to defend her home against her enemies


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Marina Bekh-Romanchuk went abroad to compete, but her family continues to help Ukrainians during the war against Russia. The athlete said that she would be ready to defend her parental home.

Beh-Romanchuk: There has never been an opinion to live outside Ukraine

Marina Beh-Romanchuk brought Ukraine a silver medal at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade (Serbia). After her performance in an exclusive interview with Channel 24, the athlete said she would like to move to live abroad.

A native of Khmelnitsky admitted that her family never had a choice – to live in Ukraine or abroad. The Bekh-Romanchuk family had such an opportunity, but they saw their life only in their native country.

“For years we had the opportunity to go somewhere, to see something. We had the chance to play for Ukraine, but we live outside its borders, we train with foreign athletes. However, such an opinion never even crossed our minds. We had only one choice – Khmelnitsky or Rivne. We went for the first option, the others never considered,” replied the athlete.

The patriotic position of the athlete

The titled athlete warmly recalled the times when the whole family gathered in their house, relatives of her husband came (Mikhail Romanchuk, – about 24 channels). Bekh-Romanchuk also expressed his patriotic stance on protecting his home from Russian invaders.

After all the meetings and competitions, I always wanted to go home as soon as possible, because it’s my home. I’m not one of those people who doesn’t care about their life, what they have, their home. I always liked being at home, enjoying the time when the whole family was getting together, my husband’s parents were coming. We built our house with the whole family, it is very precious to us. If there is such a need, then I would be the kind of person who would defend my home,
– said the athlete.

Note that the house of sports spouses became a refuge for Ukrainians during the war.

p> Read the full conversation with Marina Bekh-Romanchuk about the performance at the World Championships, the “stolen” medal, helping Ukrainians during the war and the new rules of athletics in an exclusive interview on the link.

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