“Tom Brady inspires me as an athlete and entrepreneur”: Naomi Osaka reveals how Bucs QB businessman helped her join the “Autograph” advisory board by joining Tiger Woods, Tony Hawk and Wayne Gretzky



Tom Brady is a trailblazer when it comes to athletes joining the NFT market, and it looks like he inspired Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka as well.

NFTs are growing in popularity as athletes like Tom Brady continue to support them and promote their popularity. Brady also developed his own platform, co-founding the NFT platform ‘Autograph‘.

The company already has big name athletes like Tiger Woods, Tony Hawk, Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky, but there is nothing quite like it when it comes to advertising. So when Brady approached her to offer to join Autograph, she had no intention of saying anything other than yes.

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Tom Brady inspired Naomi Osaka both as an athlete and as an entrepreneur

Osaka was almost struck by the fact that Brady offered him the chance to join his company. After all, he’s the greatest NFL player to ever play the game, as evidenced by his seven Super Bowl wins (more than any franchise). Osaka spoke to People Magazine about joining Brady and she was thrilled with the opportunity.

“It seemed like a very interesting opportunity, and when Tom brady asked me to join the advisory board and create my own NFTs, I knew I couldn’t say no, ”she commented. “There are real legends in the sport who work with Autograph – Tiger woods, Wayne gretzky – it’s pretty awesome to be in their company.

Osaka also spoke about the influential role Brady has played in his life, more than the business side of things, but also as an athlete.

“Tom inspires me in so many ways as an athlete and an entrepreneur,” Osaka told People. “He’s always rethinking the playbook and pushing the boundaries while staying true to himself, which I try to do as well.”

What are NFTs? How much will Naomi Osaka’s NFT autographs cost?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, but that probably doesn’t help you much when it comes to defining what they really are.

Well, non-fungible means something is completely unique, irreplaceable, much like a vintage football card signed perhaps by Joe Montanna. They cannot be replicated.

NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain, a cryptocurrency company similar to Bitcoin and Dogecoin. NFTs can be anything digital, like a highlight reel, signature, or art form that you can sell in the marketplace. People collect NFTs the same way people collect baseball, basketball, or football trading cards.

Osaka and Brady see a lot of potential in the NFT market, and they are pushing hard to market “Autograph” as much as they can. Currently, Osaka’s NFTs on the company can range from $ 12 to $ 100. Osaka spoke about his outlook and NFTs and why they’re so awesome.

“NFTs bring art, design and technology together in a way that truly reflects the way we consume media today. The more I work and experience the crypto and NFT space, I see how easily they can be bought, sold and gamified, ”she said.

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