Torvill and Dean on famous skaters before “Dancing on Ice”


Torvill and Dean are ready for a new lineup of stars who are gingerly launching themselves on the ice, as Ice dance 2022 kicks off soon with a launch show filled with glitter, glitter, and all the usual slips!

Along with a new set of celebrities hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Sonny Jay, there’s also a new judge, as Come dance strictly Professional dancer Oti Mabuse (replacing John Barrowman) joins Diversity’s Ashley Banjo and legendary ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean on the ice board. Here Jayne, 64, and Chris, 63, recount What to watch what might be in store and why they still have butterflies before each set of Ice dance which starts on Sunday January 16 at 6.30 p.m.…

Torvill and Dean have been regulars on Dancing On Ice since its ITV debut.

Torvill and Dean have been regulars on ‘Dancing On Ice’ since the show began on ITV. (Image credit: ITV)

Our interview with Torvill and Dean on the 2022 series

Are you still excited about each new series of “Dancing On Ice”?
Chris: “Yes, because it’s back to school once again! There’s always a new group of celebs, and what’s interesting is seeing their personalities start to show and how they behave on the ice as we get to know them a little bit more. So every year it’s a new start. Plus, every time you do something live you never know what’s going to happen so you always have butterflies! “

What can you reveal about this year’s “Dancing On Ice” contestants?
Chris: “We don’t know them all yet, but it’s really diverse and I think that’s what we want to be as a series. So this is the first time Sally has done anything outdoors. Coronation Street. When we did tours, she came over to watch with her daughters, but I think stepping out of her comfort zone is a huge thing for her! Then we have people like Brendan, who is already a dancer, and Paralympic athlete Stef Reid, who has a suitable skate below the knee. Regan Gascoigne is a dancer and has adapted very well to the ice rink due to his training in classical dance. He’s so gracious. “

Do you think it helps being an Olympian or a Paralympian in terms of managing the pressure?
Jayne: “What they have is a certain discipline in the work. They’ll have done it with their own individual sports, so while it’s another thing for them to learn, I think they’ll approach it the same way. “
Chris: “I think for [Olympic BMX silver medalist] Kye Whyte, his sport is an explosive sport, and ice dancing is more aesthetic and controlled. So he might have the Olympian mindset for the show, but the actual performance side is quite different! “

The star of the Happy Mondays song, Bez, is quite a character… how has he presented himself so far?
Jayne: “Before coming to meet us for the first time, he had just done a boxing reality show. He had been knocked out, so he had a concussion and still suffered from double vision, so he was not initially allowed on the ice!
Chris: “When we saw him recently he still had a little bit of double vision, but he has these corrective lenses. I think he has the right attitude, but he also has a huge cult who will want to keep him! would love to skate to a Happy Monday song! “

Can you tell us about your performance this year?
“We always try to do something new and this year is no exception. We do a whole number just filmed by a drone. It’s very technical!”
Jayne: “It’s also noisy! But we are very lucky to be able to still play. There is some aches, but we still have a lot of fun!”

How do you feel about stepping into another series with Covid rumbling?
Jayne: “
Obviously, our producers are very aware that there are more things in the works and that they will have things in place. I think anyone on the show who has had this experience last year will know what they need to do to make sure they stay safe! “

Do you see the show as a source of inspiration for young aspiring skateboarders?
“Well, actually one of our new pro started skating because of Dancing on Ice. How old are you? So she looked at him like a little girl and that inspired her to go to the ice rink and now she’s on the show. It’s really special! “

Torvill and Dean begin their famous bolero routine at the 1984 <a class=Olympics.” class=” lazy-image-van optional-image” onerror=”if(this.src && this.src.indexOf(‘missing-image.svg’) !== -1){return true;};this.parentNode.replaceChild(window.missingImage(),this)” sizes=”(min-width: 1000px) 970px, calc(100vw – 40px)” data-normal=”” srcset=” 320w, 650w, 970w” data-original-mos=”” data-pin-media=””/>

Torvill and Dean begin their famous bolero routine at the 1984 Olympics. (Image credit: Getty)


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