Two terrorists shot while trying to cross a military fence, Jammu and Kashmir


“More forces have been sent to the military camp to secure the area. Terrorists attempted to breach the fence of the Pargal military camp. The sentry challenged them and an exchange of fire took place,” said the additional director general of police, Mukesh Singh.

Two terrorists attempted to breach military fences in Jammu and Kashmir and were shot dead in a shootout in Pargal.

Spotted at the military camp near the Rajouri area of ​​J&K, they were challenged by the Indian army who quickly burst into an open firefight.

Three Indian soldiers lost their lives in the shooting as they attempted to neutralize the terrorist suicide bomber.

Two soldiers were also injured in this pre-dawn strike.

The officers who sacrificed their lives were Subedar Rajendra Prasad, Rifleman Lakshmanan D and Rifleman Manoj Kumar.


Officials said the pre-dawn shooting took place near the military camp, 25 km from Rajouri.

The area has been cordoned off with additional dispatches in the area.

According to police officials, a terrorist group called “Lashkar-e-Taiba” was behind the suicide bombing.

This is the biggest attack the region has seen since February 2018, the attack on Sunjwan camp in Jammu.

In 2016, a similar attack took place in Uri, J&k, in which eighteen soldiers were killed in action.

The terrorist attack took place after 3 terrorists from “Lashkar-e-Taiba” were killed by armed forces in Budgam. One of them was directly involved in the murder of TV entertainer Amreen Bhat and Pandit Rahul Bhat.

The terrorist attack took place days before Independence Day, leaving civilians in dire straits.

Officials recently confirmed the arrest of Talib Hussain Shah, who was previously responsible for the social media management of the BJP’s Morcha minority. He was later fired by the BJP who blamed him on faulty online membership for allowing participants without background checks. Police also dismantled a major terrorist group module at J&K.

Talib Shah has also been implicated in a number of attacks in this region. The police discovered a large number of firearms in his residence.


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