Utah adds commitment from Oregon athlete Justius Lowe


Justius lowe (Photo: Brandon Huffman, 247Sports)

Wednesday, Kyle whittingham and its University of Utah football program earned Oregon Product Commitment, Justius lowe. After an interesting recruit that included half of the Pac-12, the Utes took the biggest step towards signing day and managed to win him over.

Lowe made an announcement via his Twitter account:

In perspective, Lowe is an exciting talent who has played both ways and has great potential on either side of the ball. He appears to be another player who got lost in the mix of everything that happened with the impact of Covid. He has the athleticism, size and talent of a player who would typically be recruited at a higher level. Still, he has an offer that spans in double digits and holds the half offers of the Pac-12 which includes Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State and Utah.

According to the industry-generated composite rating, Lowe has a score of 0.8516 and is ranked as the No. 83 athlete in the class, while 247Sports gives him a score of 87 and ranks him as the 57 athlete. of style.

The 6-foot-1, 182-pound playmaker is an awesome athlete to add to this class’s collection. He has a self-test time of 4.47 seconds in the 40-yard dash, while it would be nice to have a number checked, Lowe exhibits very good acceleration and very good speed on the belt. He’s an explosive athlete who changes direction quite well. He played back and forth as a receiver on offense and a defensive back on defense. Whichever side he finds himself on, Lowe adds a ton of athleticism and playing potential to the program. He continues a trend of high quality athletes in the classroom.

Lowe is now the 15th commit of the Utes ’22 class as he joins quarterbacks Nate johnson and Brandon rose, to recover Jaylon Glove, receivers Chris Roseau and Ryan peppins, offensive linemen Tyler knaak and Tavo Motuapuaka, linebacker Lander Barton, cornerback Elijah Davis, security Jocelyn malaska, and athletes Carson Tabaracci and Tao johnson.

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