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TR PHOTOS BY SUSANNA MEYER — Deb Millizer, director of the Marshalltown Central Business District, and Kevin Huseboe, director of the Marshalltown Veterans’ Office, hold one of the veterans’ banners that will soon be hanging from a lamp post. This banner depicts Al Hoop, a Marshalltown councilman who is a Vietnam-era veteran.

Marshall County veterans are being honored throughout Marshalltown this summer as banners displaying photos of individuals who served in the military hang from streetlights downtown, in the 13th Street neighborhood and along Third Avenue, Sixth Street and Central Street overpasses.

Marshalltown Central Business District (MCBD) Director Deb Millizer and Marshalltown (VA) Veterans Bureau Director Kevin Huseboe have been working on the banner project since last October, and after months of hard work, 124 veterans are commemorated on individual banners with their photo, name, rank, military branch in which they served and the conflict in which they served.

Huseboe was happy to partner with Millizer on this project and even happier to see the community support for Marshall County veterans on display to the public.

“The involvement with the community is right – the outpouring has been great. I’ve been in this all my life, and nothing like this has ever happened,” Huseboe said. stories there, and there will be many more.”

Back in March, Millizer was concerned that they didn’t have enough veterans to fill the banner slots, but suddenly the nominations started pouring in fast. After the banners were installed, she said there were even more requests.

This banner shows Victor H. Hellberg III. Each banner hung around Marshalltown has the same format, with a flag behind the photo and all of the veteran’s information below.

Since they will be displayed this summer and beyond, Millizer has put everyone who wants banners on a list for the next round.

According to Millizer, the project has many benefits, both for the community and for the families who have nominated their loved ones for banners.

“I would say one of the best side effects of that was that I had many families telling me that the conversations wouldn’t have happened within the families. The photo albums wouldn’t have been taken out and the story of yore wouldn’t have been talked about without this project. And for me, because I’m very family oriented, that means the world to me,” she said.

Many banners are already up, but there are still more to come. While the goal was to have them all up before Memorial Day, the 13th Street District and Third Avenue banners have yet to arrive. Once all the banners are in place, Millizer and Huseboe plan to map each individual’s banner location so their families can find them.

The banners will be the backdrop for Memorial Day events taking place downtown, and Millizer and Huseboe expect them to be a big hit with out-of-state visitors.

Only a few of the 124 veteran banners are represented along West Main Street. Banners will also be hung in the 13th Street District as well as along the Third Avenue, Sixth Street and Center Street overpasses.

“We have people from Alabama and Minnesota coming in, energized by the banners, and their families are here so they’re coming for the Memorial Day service,” Millizer said.

Millizer said the banners “tick a lot of boxes.” It shows local veterans and their families how valued they are and brings people downtown. This will also strengthen funding for the local Veteran Appreciation Food Drive, as a portion of banner proceeds will be donated to this cause.

“It creates foot traffic for the city center. People come and watch the banners. They come for their banners. For the Memorial Day service, people are not just going to come for a day, they’re going to come for the whole weekend and be here, and they’re going to shop in Marshalltown,” Millizer said.

The local Veteran Appreciation Food Drive will begin at 5 p.m. May 20 in conjunction with the Marshall County Veteran Historical Society’s Tribute at the Veterans Coliseum. Then, on May 30 at 10:30 a.m. outside the Marshall County Courthouse, Memorial Day services will be held.

“There are a lot of great things to come,” Huseboe said.

There is currently no specific time to remove the banners and Huseboe and Millizer said they plan to leave them until November. No final decision has been made.


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