Watch these sports if the Olympics are canceled after all


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With COVID-19 making a resurgence in Tokyo, the Olympics are currently falling apart, including a announce the thursday from Japanese Olympic Games Minister Tamayo Marukawa that the games would go on without fans. If watching the world’s most prestigious sporting competition take place in deserted places sounds too much depressing anyway, take note: There is many sporting events happening across the world in July won’t be as daunting as a lifeless Olympics.

Pthe art of your summer projects involved sitting in an air-conditioned room and watching sports, and you still can do it happen without tapping into the Olympic Games which nobody really wanted in the first place.

What sports are there besides the Olympics this summer?

Even with a grim outlook that casts a veil on the Olympics, there is a lot going on in the sporting world to grab your attention. For starters, there is rugby, football, racing, golf, and good old school summer baseball.

How to watch rugly this summer

If you like the other, the other kind of football (or at least a sport that looks a bit like what we call football), you can check out Rugby Union this summer.

How to watch sfootball this summer

Ffootball is athletic tragedy which, according to some, crushes that of the Olympic Games. Fortunately, you still have time to watch two major international tournament finals. As with other events, keep in mind that you may need to keep odd hours as they happen all over the world.

  • The final of the European Football Championship: The England-Italy game will take place on Sunday 11 July and will be televised live on ESPN. You can also stream through the ESPN app and ESPN Plus.
  • The Copa América final: Brazil and Argentina vie for South American glory on Saturday July 10, and you can watch on FOX, FS1, FS2. You can also stream on FuboTV.
  • Florida Cup 2021: Friendly pre-season meetings between European clubs on foreign soil. See Inter-Milan, Everton, and Arsenal face off on ESPN2 on July 25-28. You can also stream on FuboTV.

How to watch the races this summer

How to watch golf this summer

  • The Open Championship (British Open): This major tournament will air on NBC and Golf Channel on July 16-20. Live streaming available on Peacock and NBC Sports.

Major League Baseball

There’s also the tried-and-true Major League Baseball show, which takes place all summer long. Check your local cable listings if you’re watching without cutting the cord, or stream it to, ESPN, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and more.


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