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This week in FP’s international news quiz: The world prepares for the Winter Olympics, protests sweep through Sudan, and new missiles fly.

Sudanese protesters demand the government’s transition to civilian rule in Khartoum, Sudan on October 21. ASHRAF SHAZLY / AFP via Getty Images

22 October 2021, 15:10

Do you remember the international headlines of the week? Try our quiz!

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Do you remember the international headlines of the week? Try our quiz!

1. On Monday, the Olympic flame was lit for the next 2022 Winter Games in which city?



Salt lake city


Uyghur and Tibetan rights activists, among others, have criticized the choice of China as the host.

2. Protests swept across Sudan this week, with activists calling for civil authority in the African country. The Sudanese transitional government has struggled to establish a democracy since the ousting of which longtime dictator in 2019?

Abdallah Hamdok

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo

Abdel Fattah al-Bourhan

Omar al-Bashir

3. China is said to have tested a new missile technology, known by the acronym FOBS, this week. What does FOBS mean?

Wide oblong rifleman attacking

Full bomber shell

Frontal blowing shuttle

Fractional orbital bombardment system

Write in Foreign policeNuclear Expert Jeffrey Lewis Says This Technology May Look Scary, But It’s Not New

4. What other country has also recently tested a new projectile, a kind of ballistic missile launched from a submarine?




North Korea

5. Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in his country in response to what?

Rising homicide rates

A spike in COVID-19


Mass protests

6. Last weekend Peter Marki-Zay was chosen to lead the Hungarian opposition in next year’s parliamentary elections. Who does incumbent Prime Minister Marki-Zay want to defeat?

Andrej plenkovic

Donald tusk

Viktor Orban

Florin Citu

Of Foreign police Archives: Journalist Emily Schultheis last year spoke to Marki-Zay, who is currently mayor of the city of Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary, about Orban’s efforts to erode control of mayors in municipalities across the country .

7. On Monday, Russia suspended its diplomatic mission to which international body?

World Health Organization


Council of Europe

Cooperation dialogue in Asia

8. Uzbekistan is holding elections this weekend and incumbent authoritarian President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is expected to win.

How long has Mirziyoyev’s predecessor Islam Karimov been in power?

37 years

25 years

16 years old

10 years

9. On Thursday, US President Joe Biden appeared to err on a key diplomatic issue, saying the US has a “commitment” to defend which island?





The White House, which has historically articulated a posture of “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan, quickly reversed Biden’s comments.

10. The largest triceratops skeleton ever discovered sold for $ 7.7 million at an auction in Paris on Thursday. What nickname has the 66-million-year-old specimen been given?

Big Jean

Triple threat

Saint Pierre

Grandfather T.

“Big John”, a 66-million-year-old triceratops skeleton, is on display in an auction house in Paris on August 31

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